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Services provided;


Interior painting & decorating essexAll aspects of interior decorating undertaken. I particularly specialise in hand painted kitchen units and gloss finishes to woodwork. I pay extreme attention to detail and to complete and thorough preparation of all types of surface to ensure the highest quality finish.

  • Removal of old glue, nicotine, grease dirt and grime
  • Treatment and killing to moulds and fungal growth
  • Sealing of old and new surfaces
  • Applying paints by roller or hand painted brush finish
  • High quality oil paint finishes to woodwork whether it is MDF or traditional timber
  • Small plaster and tiling repairs can be undertaken
  • Staining of new and old timber doors and woodwork
  • Burning off and hand stripping down old original woodwork i.e. beams, doors, frames and skirting boards etc. to bare timber so new coatings can be applied
  • Spray painting to old radiators in radiator enamels
  • Sorting out problem surfaces etc.


painting colour and design advice essexAdvice on all types of colour scheming and materials to use. From how to change the feel/mood of a room through use of colour i.e. warm, cold, relaxing, busy colours etc. to what materials naturally go together and complement each other.
For example:-

  • What colours are good in sunny hot elevations and which are not
  • How artificial lighting can affect the look of colours in your home
  • Where or where not to have feature colours or walls in the room
  • How to use strong and contrasting colours in the home
  • Advice on type of window, doors etc that go with older properties.


small tiling repairs dunmowI offer a limited tiling service on jobs I am already decorating i.e. small amounts of tiles around work tops, sinks and units etc. basically areas too small for professional tilers to be interested in.

I only really do small tiling work to help my customers out if they can't find a tiler to do the work.


coving dunmow essexI will happily fit either plain gyroc coving or the like using cove adhesive or the more modern resin cornice using tube adhesives similar to 'no nails'. I have also fitted traditional plaster of Paris cove and cornice.

I always thoroughly set out and prepare the surface prior the fitting coving and cornice (see my blog) so it has a good surface to key to and will not fall off. I have seen this happen more than once on other people's jobs and have had to either completely refit new coving or try to stick old coving back due to this!


Exterior painting & decorating essexAll types of domestic exterior decorating undertaken from complete re-decoration to just specific areas.

  • Old woodwork can be completely burnt off and stripped down if required
  • Guttering removed and cleaned out prior to boards being painted. Leaky or broken joints can be replaced or repaired.
  • Entire old guttering can be replaced as part of an exterior decoration if required.
  • Areas of rotten wood can be repaired using the windowcare resin repair system
  • Surfaces will always be thoroughly washed and cleaned down prior to any paint application, including full and complete fungi and mould pre-treatment
  • Render coating can be repaired using sand and cement as well as smaller brick repairs
  • Broken glass and double glazed units can be replaced and re-glazed using either traditional putties or more modern sealant compounds.


Re-caulking to jointsRepairs to and cutting out and replacing lifting, loose or bubbling wall jointing tape can be undertaken and corrected. More often referred to as re- caulking to joints.

New houses tend to no longer be plastered after the plaster board process is finished. Instead the dry line method is used, just taping all plaster board joints with tape. This is a method that can lead to tape lifting and bubbling up on area where stress is being applied.

I can cut out and remove loose and lifting wall tape. Clean out joints and re-tape old joints with new tape, ensuring new tape is properly adhering. Then over fill and re-caulk surrounding area to blend in with existing surfaces.

Obviously this is usually done as part of the re-decorating process to a room (see gallery) so will be over painted as well.


Wallpapering Dunmow essexI can hang all types of wall covering from vinyls, washable, spongeables, blown vinyls, lining papers and specialist papers plus many more.

I specialise in crossing troublesome cracked ceilings and walls which can then be painted for a permanent crack free surfaceI have literally crosslined hundreds of cracked plaster board ceilings in my time.

This method also works for movement cracks where normal making good keeps cracking as surfaces move. Heavy duty coverings or reinforced lining papers can be supplied and hung in really bad cases. Feature walls can be set out and papered with advice on best walls to choose for these.

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